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We offer a full range of paratransit and non-emergency medical transportation services including transportation planning, assistance and reservations throughout Southern California.

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Founded In 2013

Special Care Transportation

California Transit operates as a transportation services provider for the West Central region of Access Services in Los Angeles.  More about Access can be found on their website.

Over the years, the steady increase in the elderly population and passenger expectations has resulted in an increased demand for more rapid paratransit services.

Why Choose California Transit?


At CTI, we understand that the needs of the passengers vary based on the community they reside in. Also, the operating guidelines are not the same everywhere. Thus, we provide targeted training to our operators and equip them with the right skill sets required when catering to the passengers’ needs.

Efficient & Productive

Our Access riders and their daily commute needs are of the highest priority for California Transit. We pride ourselves for being one of the best performing Access operations in the county.  It is our daily goal to keep our on-time performance levels above 93% consistently. It is this highly productive and efficient operational standards that have made us a trusted partner with Access Services and our community for many years.

Administration & Oversight

We believe in building a cordial relationship with our riders, Access Services and our own internal operations teams to achieve the highest of standards in our industry.  


Our Access vehicles have a lot of technology compacted into an off the shelf tablet.  Long gone are the days of complex, proprietary hardware in the vehicles that require special care and maintenance for proper operation. We’ve moved all the complex hardware out and introduced a robust software solution that runs on a 8″ Galaxy tablet with our 5M driver software. Soon, in-vehicle voice radio equipment will be replaced by VoIP type service for driver to dispatch communication; further simplifying the technology required to operate an Access vehicle on the 5M system.  

Vehicle Maintenance

Every Access vehicle we have in our operations must go through rigorous inspections and maintenance before being put into the schedule for the next day. Every evening our maintenance shop crew wash and clean all of our Access vehicles to ensure our clients are most comfortable while in our care. Mechanics shop inspect the engine, fluid levels, breaks, suspensions, A/C and every other mechanical component as soon as the vehicle comes back into our facility. Our team also checks the vehicle on-board computer for any engine error codes and quickly address them before the vehicle is put back into operation the next day.

Call Centers

Our call center employees are one of the most important aspects to our success story as one of the best Access services provider in the county of Los Angeles. Our call center staff are well versed on how to help our riders to get their questions answered, reservations booked and trip related problems taken care of with as little friction to the customer as possible. Most if not all our reservations team members speak more than one language.  That is a huge asset for us when it comes to lowering that language barrier and providing better customer service.

Paratransit Technology


We’ve equipped our dispatchers with one of the most advanced progress tracking and alerting tools in the industry.  Our 5M dispatching application helps our dispatch team to be more proactive and always on top of potential problems that might cause delays in picking up a customer.

A central dispatch dashboard and traffic monitoring tools allow our team to see all real-time traffic conditions and give them the capability to quickly adjust routes for better rider experience.


With our 5M system, Access clients are able to confirm their pick-up times while on the phone with our customer service representatives.  We are able to provide more shared-rides, balance the demand for the day and ultimately achieve higher productivity in our operations.

The outcome of having such a powerful and flexible reservation system, are better customer experience, shorter call times and low cancellation or reschedule of rides.

Mobile Driver Assistant

Every Access vehicle and Taxi Cab at California Transit is equipped with a built-in tablet.  Our drivers are able to see all of their trips for the day, any updates to their routes, turn-by-turn navigation for each pick-up and drop off as well as send and receive real-time messages with dispatchers.


Customer Self-Servicing

We offer Access riders utmost ease in booking or acquiring ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) details.  We have set up a customer self-support features in our system that allow any one of our Access passengers with an Internet-enabled mobile device or computer to access their trip information at any given time.


At California Transit, we minimize trip costs while ensuring a positive customer on-board experience by optimizing our routes, utilizing taxis and non-dedicated resources during high demand.

Operations Monitoring

Our dispatch operations team, supervisors as well as agency staff are able to use 5M monitoring console for live performance monitoring.  The OMC (Operations Monitoring Console) is a central place to keep a breath of what’s going on in our operations, in real time.


Reporting And Analytics

California Transit has one of the most flexible and powerful reporting and analytics tools available in the market.  Our 5M reports are extremely flexible in how our team can filter, sort and graph reports to provide volumes of information on any particular trip, route, resource or fleet.

We’re able to optimize our operations daily with the reporting tools we have in 5M.  This translates into routes that become optimized, performance inefficiencies get address quickly and ultimately our clients become happier with our service.  That’s the end goal.

Safety First

At California Transit, we are dedicated to offering passengers a safe and stress-free commute experience. To ensure we fulfill our commitment, we train our operators and drivers in every aspect of paratransit operations. The approach helps our operators cater to the needs of special needs and elderly passengers the best.

We train our team with wheelchair securements, ensuring the safety of passengers, and proper usage of lifts and ramps. This has helped us earn customers’ trust and deliver a gratifying passenger experience.