CallCentres Our call center employees are one of the most important aspects to our success story as one of the best Access services provider in the county of Los Angeles. Our call center staff are well versed on how

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance Every Access vehicle we have in our operations must go through rigorous inspections and maintenance before being put into the schedule for the next day. Every evening our maintenance shop crew wash and


Technology Our Access vehicles have a lot of technology compacted into an off the shelf tablet. Long gone are the days of complex, proprietary hardware in the vehicles that require special care and maintenance for


Administration & Oversight We believe in building a cordial relationship with our riders, Access Services and our own internal operations teams to achieve the highest of standards in our industry.

Efficient & Productive

Efficient & Productive Our Access riders and their daily commute needs are of the highest priority for California Transit. We pride ourselves for being one of the best performing Access operations in the county. It is our daily goal to keep


Training At CTI, we understand that the needs of the passengers vary based on the community they reside in. Also, the operating guidelines are not the same everywhere. Thus, we provide targeted training to our

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