Training Program

Having a “Family Oriented” philosophy means that we believe in preparing and providing our employees with the tools they need to complete their responsibilities and tasks. To have increased productivity, there needs to be an increase in knowledge.

California Transit’s job training program supports the design and delivery of training plans that meet and rise above the unique industry standards of any Access paratransit provider.

New Hire Training Program

The “New Hire” program will provide you training that will allow you to posses the skills you will need to do your job consistently and with confidence. A classroom training on Vehicle Safety & Sensitivity and Empathy, is a mandatory requirement for all new employees. A 40-hour “Behind the Wheel” training for defensive driving (for drivers) is to follow.

Continuing Education for Current Employees

Our current employees also receive continuing education and training to upgrade the skills and increase their knowledge in the field of their specialty. Our current employees complete 8 hours of Defensive Driving Sensitivity and Empathy training to brush-up their current skills and knowledge. Our current drivers also receive a minimum of 8 hours per year, to increase their skill levels and update their knowledge on any new rules and regulations posted by Access.